Commercial Property Viability Analysis Software

Perhaps the most important element of all the preliminary work you must do with any property development project are feasibility studies.

A detailed feasibility study will essentially tell you whether the proposed development will be an astounding success or a dreadful mistake.

MB_Ch2_Pt2_MB_feasibility_analysisThe bottom line is:

  • You have to know whether the numbers on your development stack up.
  • What are the projected costs and what type of profit margin can you expect to achieve at the end of the day?

Without a clear understanding of whether or not your intended development is feasible from the outset – that is, can it realistically make you a decent return upon completion (let’s face it – that’s what any type of property investment is all about), there is really no point proceeding to the next stage.

Whether you are an experienced quantity surveyor or real estate investor, analysing an investment property’s financial return has been a combination of guesswork, instinct, emotion and experience.

Viable is a cutting-edge tool that allows real estate investors to determine whether an investment property is financially viable in just a few minutes.

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