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About Viable

Undertaking a property development requires many months of preparation before you actually get to see your hard labour bare any fruit.

If you are dealing an apartment building, shopping centre or other commercial property from the ground up — or if you’re renovating or expanding an existing property — then Viable can be an essential tool as you plan your project, evaluate its feasibility and seek financing.

It quickly assembles your hard costs, soft costs and financing details into a professional development report. Simply enter your data into this powerful, Excel-based application and create compelling presentations to support your project’s viability to developers and owners alike.

What is Viable?

Viable is a cutting-edge tool that real estate investors to determine whether an investment property is financially viable in just a few minutes. Viable software does what you need, quickly, easily and affordably. There are many solutions in the marketplace; the key is finding the estimating software that does exactly what you need, is easy to use, offers an unmatched feature set, uses the latest technology, have outstanding support and the best price.

Viable accommodates any income-property project: office, retail, mixed use, residential and warehouse. The software provides a structure to remind you of all of the most likely project hard and soft costs.

Viable - property viability analysis tool and software

A comprehensive Help file forms part of the installation. This file comprises more than information pertaining to a user form. It also comprises a list of property terminology, general economic viability principles, etc. Screen tips are available at each entry to assist the user before reverting to the Help file for more comprehensive information.

Viable comprises the following distinct report types:

  • Letting scheme
  • Residual property value calculations
  • Selling scheme
  • Replacement cost valuation for insurance purposes
  • Hotel scheme
  • Escalated construction cost with professional fees

Each report type comprises Sections and Annexures to minimize clutter and keep pertinent information concise. The executive summary contains high-level information for quick assessment of the overall project viability, etc. The remaining sections and annexures provide comprehensive back-up information for more in-depth analysis and discussions.

For each report, you can specify paper size, colour or black/white, number of copies and printer choice. You can even create Adobe® Acrobat-compatible PDF files. Our macro-driven programming does it all for you.

Help Files

Viable in Menu driven and captures information in a systematic and orderly manner with carefully designed User Forms, guiding the user through all the items to be considered for a specific report type.

Example Reports

Interested? To view examples of typical reports you will be able to generate with Viable all you need to do is view them here:

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Viable property help files