Viable Pricing

Viable is a cutting-edge tool that allows quantity surveyors and real estate investors to determine whether an investment property is financially viable in just a few minutes.

cost calculation tool for quantity surveyors and real estate investorsViable offers you the following distinct report types:

  • Letting scheme
  • Residual property value
  • Selling scheme
  • Replacement cost valuation for insurance purposes
  • Hotel scheme
  • Escalated construction cost with professional fees

The individual report types are not sold separately. They are combined into an affordable single comprehensive software package.


The selling price for a single user is R8 500 (excluding VAT) per package.

The price is subject to change at any given time.

Annual maintenance subscription

Over and above the above mentioned selling prices an initial annual maintenance fee of R1 200 (ex VAT) per package is payable irrespective of purchase price paid.