Benefits of Viable

In response to local and Africa based fellow quantity surveyors, architects, developers and others in the property field’s needs and requests for a cost effective commercial property viability analysis tool and software, Martin Smith embarked in 2009 in an extensive re-writing and improvement of the earlier software package incorporating the latest technological advancements and international experience gained.

The result was Viable.

  • Viable is a new, improved, rewritten package.
  • Viable incorporates many emerging technologies into a powerful application.
  • Viable gives investors, brokers, developers, and anyone who is interested in investing in real estate, a solution to finally simplify their investing analysis process.
  • Easy to use: From the most sophisticated user in the larger practices to those in smaller practices with limited building and property economics experience will find Viable extremely simple and easy to use with a wealth of inherent information.


Built on Excel

  • Built on Microsoft Excel, it is the perfect platform as almost everyone person has it installed on their computer, dramatically decreasing the learning curve required to use the software.
  • Developed on an Excel-based property economic viability analysis template, it crunches the numbers for you and creates beautiful financial analysis reports in minutes.
  • It also allows the user to investigate “what if?” scenarios throughout the package.

A Market Leader

Not only is Viable Computing a leader in developing and bringing to market the latest technology but also aggressively support and upgrade our product. With Viable you’ll not only receive the finest solutions available but you also the commitment that the software will advance with the customer’s needs and will incorporate the latest technologies as they develop. We seek to develop long-term partnership relationship with all of our customers.

Our Mission

Viable Computing’s mission is to greatly exceed customer expectations and to provide superior tools that add substantial operational, financial and strategic value to your business.

Our aim is to create products with craftsmanship that are easy to use and feature rich. We seek to provide not only the best value proposition in the industry with an unmatched return on investment but also unmatched customer satisfaction.

Satisfaction is always guaranteed.